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winston smith:
(born May 27, 1952) is an artist who primarily uses the medium of collage. he is probably best known for the artwork he has produced for the american punk rock group dead kennedys.

smith was one of my earliest influences in art, along with hieronymus bosch, and salvador dali. i grew up listening to the dead kennedys and can assuredly say that the album art was my initial draw to them, without ever hearing the music, when i picked up my first album from cd jungle. fresh fruit for rotting vegetables. it was then that i was in ap art, struggling to figure out what to do for my final project, and while looking through my collection to play some music, it just clicked. collage. i took an old book that i found at a sale going on at the public library (the agony and the ecstacy by irvine stone) and would alternately paste collages and enlarge words with a sharpie on the pages. i got an a+. it was a huge book.

i met winston when i was working at a ups store in fisherman's wharf, san francisco. dumbstruck, i barely managed to garble out "you're awesome, man". this tends to happen when one meets one of their idols. same thing happened when i ended up in the green room with the beastie boys.

the montage art of winston smith

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