seriously? no one else is spamming the crap out of blondie today?


art.post("people pleasin"):

hadn't looked through the book i made last year in quite a while. this was one of my favorite images that came of it. the amazingly varied and unique combinations of images clipped out of soley 60s to 80s national geographics still blows my mind. i think they will be my absolute resource in all the art i make.



what's better than duckface or facepalm?


location.body("with no protection in space"):

What really happens to a body ejected into space or exposed to extremely low pressure is by far scarier that any way I've seen it depicted in scifi. Over the course of 2-3 minutes, all of the gas trapped within your body's cells fizz out, like opening a pop. Your body expands with this gas, but does not explode. It instead forms into a muddy puddle of organic gases and solids, swirling in the last few bits of body heat and motion before becoming vaporized by cosmic radiation as it disperses. *shiver*