How to get called sir on the regular:

1) Find people who do not normally get called sir.
2) Befriend them.
3) Begin calling them sir.
4) Continue contact with aforementioned persons.


meddlesome childhood

chasing fever dreams
leads to long wide streets
no turn signals
no crossing guards
the same burning child inside
all pride, piss, and perception
piddling away
still waiting for another quarter
to appear in the change slot
of a derelict pay phone from god
bated breath, bit lip, worn eyes
full body embodied by somebody
birds bursting from burning bushes
and baby, they burn bright
who's left to cry wolf?
descartes had the right idea
start some shit
let the rest of the world
figure out what it meant
sand off those wooden eyes
and put on your dancing shoes
the birds are swooping in
to set you on fire


lobo to me

teeth not breaking skin
crushing the throat
bringin it all back to master
food in your belly
two and one half baby seals
vomit and feed the wife and kids
your legs let you run for days
you can easily survive
the harshest winter
laughing at the inferior xeroxes
cages, collars, and chains
they bark 'bout bowls being bare
you howl at the moon
your timeless true god
watching over you at night
and winking
once every twenty eight days

black fire butterfly

wonder is the wake of confusion
a black fire butterfly
fluttering in a hospital waiting room
a prestidigitation, check the sleeves
god, always check the sleeves
love like a burial at sea
but you get to borrow
the submarine
every now and then
vesuvius in your chest
in your brain case
and you poke it with a stick
one box to hold your life
and you just wanna send it
from point a to point b
then set it on fire
water runs uphill
when the camera's upside down


sun in your eyes
blinding beams to bask in
but staring at it is harshly
unavoidable and unnecessary
it'll give you great crows feet
at seventy
licking ashes, spitting smoke
you sit and dream fully awake
warm eyes, warm body, warm lips
sense recollecting, yearning
you want the opposite of
every sad song you hear
worn eyes, worn body, worn lips
those moths in your wallet
are moving north for the summer
to eat your heart


v = 18

vestigial vestibule

vexed and vexing

verified, verily

virulently virile

vouched for

in vouchers

vain to the vein

vicious in viscosity




in video


new.advertisement("boost mobile"):

if only they were in inflatable sumo suits in this scene.



not shabby for a 5 minute ms paint job.



seriously? no one else is spamming the crap out of blondie today?


art.post("people pleasin"):

hadn't looked through the book i made last year in quite a while. this was one of my favorite images that came of it. the amazingly varied and unique combinations of images clipped out of soley 60s to 80s national geographics still blows my mind. i think they will be my absolute resource in all the art i make.



what's better than duckface or facepalm?


location.body("with no protection in space"):

What really happens to a body ejected into space or exposed to extremely low pressure is by far scarier that any way I've seen it depicted in scifi. Over the course of 2-3 minutes, all of the gas trapped within your body's cells fizz out, like opening a pop. Your body expands with this gas, but does not explode. It instead forms into a muddy puddle of organic gases and solids, swirling in the last few bits of body heat and motion before becoming vaporized by cosmic radiation as it disperses. *shiver*


influence.artistic("winston smith");

via wikipedia,

winston smith:
(born May 27, 1952) is an artist who primarily uses the medium of collage. he is probably best known for the artwork he has produced for the american punk rock group dead kennedys.

smith was one of my earliest influences in art, along with hieronymus bosch, and salvador dali. i grew up listening to the dead kennedys and can assuredly say that the album art was my initial draw to them, without ever hearing the music, when i picked up my first album from cd jungle. fresh fruit for rotting vegetables. it was then that i was in ap art, struggling to figure out what to do for my final project, and while looking through my collection to play some music, it just clicked. collage. i took an old book that i found at a sale going on at the public library (the agony and the ecstacy by irvine stone) and would alternately paste collages and enlarge words with a sharpie on the pages. i got an a+. it was a huge book.

i met winston when i was working at a ups store in fisherman's wharf, san francisco. dumbstruck, i barely managed to garble out "you're awesome, man". this tends to happen when one meets one of their idols. same thing happened when i ended up in the green room with the beastie boys.

the montage art of winston smith


a complete set of instructions for the first time smoker

a complete set of instructions for the first time smoker
Originally uploaded by halfvoid

a complete set of instructions for the first time smoker


webtoy.review("katamari hack"):

turn any webpage into a game of katamari damacy. roll around the browser, picking up larger objects as your sphere grows in size. try it here.

or copy this into your location bar on any site.

javascript:var i,s,ss=['http://kathack.com/js/kh.js','http://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.5.1/jquery.min.js'];for(i=0;i!=ss.length;i++){s=document.createElement('script');s.src=ss[i];document.body.appendChild(s);}void(0);

Just right click anywhere on the page to roll your sphere towards your mouse.

Source: Katamari Hack


game.review("cyberlords - arcology"):

amazing action/tactical cyberpunk rpg for the android. takes all the best bits of shadowrun for the snes and keeps going from there. lead a squad of four futuristic rebels infiltrating a corporate mega city.



game.review("the maddening"):

awesome android 2d platformer. the maddening takes you on an intense run for your life from a wall of death, while dealing with constantly generating obstacles and terrain that rotates around a red swirling vortex. extra awesome. i gave it 5 stars. free ad supported and paid versions. link to free version here.



book.review(head first python):

A great book with great insight into learning in general, on top of a wonderfully immersive approach to teaching python.

Head First Python - O'Reilly



Gonna burn it all down and start from scratch. New stuff dealing with python developement, and collages. Weird combo, sure.